ViP Summer Education Event at VocalizeU in Los Angeles, CA

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JOIN US IN LOS ANGELES this July for our Summer Education event hosted by VocalizeU!!!

Looking for cutting edge continued education for voice coaching professionals and singing teachers?

This Vocology in Practice Education Event is a one you can’t miss! This 3 day event will focus on artistry as well as cover topics including science and technique. The weekend will be packed full of interactive workshops and lectures taught by the industry’s leading professionals — see the video below from our last event to get a sense of the magic!

Join us to be inspired, challenged and ultimately expand your knowledge and expertise. This is a chance to meet and connect with Vocology in Practice teachers – we hope to see you there!

Register before May 21st and receive our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

Early Bird Registration – $195

Registration after May 21st, 2019 –  $245

*Current ViP members receive $50 Off!

Hosted by VocalizeU

Held at the Mt. St. Mary’s Chalon Campus: 12001 Chalon Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Ticket includes access to all education presentations.

Friday, July 19th – Sunday, July 21st, 2019

We’ll kick off Friday evening with a welcome to LA event and continue with classes, workshops and education all day Saturday and Sunday.



Featuring leading experts in Vocal Science, Artistry and Education!!!

Speakers will include:

Check out the schedule!

Please be aware it is subject to change:

Class Descriptions:

Ana Flavia Zuim – Strategies & Vowel Charts

This class will discuss the choices we have to make as voice teachers and finding the right tools for each and every voice we work with. Looking into science, technique and hands on application as Ana will assign tasks and challanges during the session.

Karin Cox & Ingo Titze – Application of Future Vocology Research

This class will have demonstrations of videostroboscopy and new imaging.  The presentation of Future Vocology Research will be explained with more time for questions and application for all levels of understanding in vocology and its study.  A question and answer session will follow with Ingo Titze to investigate deeper into areas that need further discussion and insight for the discipline around the world for the science of the human voice.

Crystal Barron – Warm up & Self Care

Warmup mini class: Warmups don’t just start with your voice. This mini class each morning will wake up your entire body, paving the way for smooth vocal sailing.

Self-care in the studio: As teachers, we put our heart and soul into our students every hour or every day.  Often we are so busy taking care of our clients we don’t do what we need to care for ourselves, leading to health and even voice problems.  We will discuss and experience different strategies for daily self-care to ensure a long, healthy career.

Philippe Clark Hall – Vocal Effects and Screams

Vocal Demonstration
Anatomy of Vocal Effects / Screams
• which parts of the larynx/vocal tract are responsible for which sounds.
• Effect “Terminology” as categorized by Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen.
Sing Fear & Pain Free
• Do’s & Don’t’s
• Most Common mistakes
• Pedagogical tools & solutions
Learning Distortion
• Live teaching

Business Experts QA

This Class will offer time for teachers to consult with our team of experts on variety of subjects connected to running a clinc and studio, handling clients, bespoke business and development and growth.

Laurel Irene and David Harris – Voice Science Works

The VoiceScienceWorks session will explore ways to release the unconscious mind to guide the voice, expression, and clarity in performance and teaching.  Through interactive games and explanations, we will help you uncover new communication approaches, and ways to hone and focus your most trusted teaching and performance techniques.  Topics of interest that will be covered include: languaging practices and how asking new questions of language can lead to daily renewal, gamification and how games can change your practice, fine tuned acoustic concepts and how they relate to the voice, and accessing the ear and the brain to awaken vocal potential through filtered listening.

Gemma Sugrue – Songs Meet Artists 

In this interactive workshop, we will explore how to help a singer breakdown the elements of a chart hit from lyric and vocal styling to studio and vocal production. We will then investigate how to put this back together again with the singer’s fresh new perspective and artistic stamp on the track. 

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