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at the forefront of vocal training for today’s contemporary singer

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We are not your average teacher network.

VIP is a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists.

We exist as a community committed to continuous professional development, education and networking via in person training, one on one mentorship, research, educational events, seminars, webinars and articles.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of vocal health, science and pedagogy in order to provide the best vocal training and 360 degree care for today’s contemporary vocalist.

We are here for your art and your voice!

We know that your voice is your art and that’s why we collect the best vocal coaches, ENT’s, SLP’s and any proffesional you might need on your track as a phenomenal singer!

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