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Network for leading vocal professionals around the world. 

ViP has a huge heart. We are happy to invite you to join us, a network of voice specialists who are committed to keep studying the voice, sharing their knowledge with each other and maintaining high standards.

We acknowledge that both clinicians and teachers are artists in their own right, and we understand that the best professionals are students too. Our student centered approach means the bench mark entry level into our network is set very high. Any professional who is a part of our ViP network has been vetted and brings a high level of knowledge, skill, and expertise to their clients. We only accept applications from professionals of a high calibre with a certain number of years of experience.

  • If you are a voice teacher, our requirements include experience and education in the field of voice, recommendations, application and an interview with our Education Director. To learn more simply scroll down.
  • If you are a physician, SLP or voice specialist with another background please send your resume to this email.
  • If you are a singer go here to find a professional.


If you would like to inquire about the process please contact us.



ViP Education includes weekly article and monthly webinar from different professionals world wide all about voice. Also full access to our education from previous years.

You will be assigned a mentor and recieve 3 half hour sessions to guide your CPD (continuing professional development) that you need to complete within the year.

Access to our network and on line group chat with experts and discussions.

Access to our logos and permission to promote yourself as ViP professional.

All of these benefits are yours once you complete your requirements. The $600 investment includes your mentoring sessions, education information and resources, and organizational management.

Vocology in Practice for the singing Teacher



If you are a singing teacher and want to become an authorized ViP professional, this following page explains our process and knowledge requirements according to our 7 milestones:


of anatomy and physiology of the larynx, pulmonary system, throat and mouth and all mechanisms involved in sound production. Application and exercises that encourage healthy mechanism and equilibrium including breathing and phonation.


Theory of basic phonetics as relates to the anatomy with tongue and laryngeal positions. Application and use of different consonants or vowels and how these affect the larynx muscles and configurations.


Basic theory of music; understanding chords, scales, registration and how these apply in the human voice. Basic piano skills and ability to hear quality of tone and pitch, guide and distinguish between different music genres and styles of singing.


Theory of source filter theory and basic acoustics. Sound waves, frequencies, harmonics and formants. Application of the anatomy, phonetics and musical scales as affected by changes in the source filter. That includes methods and exercise combinations based on all previous milestones and logic for voice assessment and workout.


Basic theory of learning behaviour and emotional aspect of learning and teaching. Application of lesson structure and clear goals with attention to the singers learning abilities and needs as an artist and most of all as a human being. While this milestone is more simplified and based on intuition and ability to simply be there for your clients it is just as important as the previous technical landmarks.


This includes both technical vocal efficiency in song as well as intermediate style coaching. Besides theory of all previous milestones and how those tool help the singer and apply to songs, teachers also need to have tools to help students connect emotionally with their song choices.


Last addition to our milestones is less about vocology and more about business ethics. This is again about putting the client first but also courtesy and manners within the network of professionals and use of names, publishing rights and promotion.

These are the 7 milestones we require all ViP singing teachers to know and respect. It is with these milestones that we keep growing, sharing and educating one another; finding different techniques and approaches with a never ending exploration and desire to help our clients in the most accurate and professional manner.

How to Apply as a singing teacher to ViP?


  1. Review our 7 milestones and then send your CV and a few words all about why you want to join us to this email .
  2. Once we have your details, our education director reviews them and will contact you. Suitable applicants will invest $200 for the initial assessment. This Assesment includes a full lesson with our education director guiding you through all 7 milestones.
  3. If your knowledge and experience agree with our 7 milestones, you will do a final test and get authorized. The Final Test includes answering questions on subjects from the 7 milestones, recording a lesson that you teach and requires attachment of 2 recommendations, one from a ViP current member.
  4. Most teachers will need work on one or more milestone. If that’s the case, you will then start your educational pathway “ViP Pathway” with a ViP teacher trainer who is also responsible for recommending outside education when appropriate. Your trainer will guide your path and prepare you for the final exam (Final exam included in 200$ initial investment unless a repeat test will be required).


*If you just started teaching we recommend you start with a teacher training course before you apply. We are happy to recommend you start with one of these options:

bast small           lisa            kyle small  LEV          SLAS


ViP Pathway


  • You will need to complete a minimum amount of hours assigned by our education director within a year.
  • You can choose a Teacher trainer from the list provided.
  • The Teacher trainer will likely suggest additional education necessary for you to complete the final test successfully, this can include piano lessons, videos, books or any type of reading and study depending on your needs.
  • The ViP Pathway is designed to fill missing milestones of education and according on the assesment the education director will choose one of three ViP Pathway plans:

$500 training investment

After your assessment it’s clear that you are almost there, and only need a small amount of additional training and support, perhaps filling in holes and growth in only 1-2 of the milestones.

$800 training investment

You have knowledge in the theory and application for about half of our milestones, and our pathway will provide training in the rest.

$1500 training investment

Your assessment has shown you can use support and training on most or all of our milestones, which you will receive from your assigned teacher trainer on a one on one basis.

Meet The ViP Pathway Teacher Trainers