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Vocology in Practice

VIP is a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists. We exist as a community committed to continuous professional development, education and networking via in person training, one on one mentorship, research, educational events, seminars, webinars and articles. Our aim is to be at the forefront of vocal health, science and pedagogy in order to provide the best vocal training and 360 degree care for today’s contemporary vocalist.


  • Vocology is a name for voice science first introduced by Dr. Ingo Titze.
  • We stand by the principles of Vocology for vocal balance and health to allow smooth registration and maximum results for any voice.
  • We also keep check of  the latest technologies, therapy techniques and research for the highest standards. 
  • Some of the research is also done by ViP member professionals who we have the privilege to work with.

The structure of the ViP network enables progress and keeping up with the science, knowledge and variety of techniques and styles in singing. With the best proffesionals on board and singing specialists of all generes we keep our network well informed and share through weekly articles and webinars and events. We keep the structure dynamic by allowing board members to take part for 2 years at a time and by voting together every year for a chairman to lead us forward.

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